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Chapter Profile

Our Mission
Since 1971, NIRI-Chicago has been advancing the practice and visibility of investor relations in the Chicago area. Our mission is to advance the practice of investor relations (IR) as well as the professional expertise and stature of our members.

Our Objectives
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of our members through informative programs and networking opportunities with other professionals in IR and related fields.

  • Promote high ethical and professional standards in the investor relations function.

  • Provide a forum for members to present their views, share experiences and broaden their understanding of IR matters in an environment that encourages friendly interactions.

Our People
We believe that networking with NIRI-Chicago colleagues is one of the best ways to improve your professional skills, employment prospects and career satisfaction. Our chapter is committed to building and maintaining a spirit of community among our members. We also seek to continually improve our chapter's offerings based on member feedback.

Our Parent Organization
Founded in 1969, the National Investor Relations Institute is the largest professional investor relations association in the world. It serves corporate officers and IR consultants responsible for communication among corporate management, the investing public and the financial community. The association offers networking and professional development through 32 chapters, including a "virtual chapter" for IR professionals in areas worldwide that are not currently served by a local NIRI chapter. NIRI has more than 3,300 members representing more than 1,600 publicly held companies with $9 trillion in stock market capitalization.

NIRI-Chicago Member Snapshot
NIRI-Chicago serves members who live or work in the Chicago area and Midwest:

  • 80% Corporate officers
  • 11% Consultants
  • 7% Service providers
  • 2% Academic / affiliated profession

More than 50% of members have 10 or more years of experience in investor relations. Some 18% have less than three years in IR.

Top industries represented:

  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Service Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Food

Members' companies by market capitalization (the stock price multiplied by the total number of shares outstanding):

  • 22% Mega-cap (more than $25 billion)
  • 16% Large cap ($10 billion to $25 billion)
  • 28% Mid-cap ($2 billion to $10 billion)
  • 30% Small-cap ($250 million to $2 billion)
  • 4% Micro-cap (under $250 million)

NIRI-Chicago Benefits
  • Network with other IR professionals. NIRI-Chicago is the only local organization that brings together professionals in investor relations.

  • Hone your skills. We offer programs that put you face-to-face with local IR practitioners with real-world knowledge about IR strategy and tactics.

  • Keep up with trends. Newsletters and programs from NIRI-Chicago and NIRI help you track the key issues in finance/accounting, communications, marketing and securities law compliance that affect our field.

  • Find resources online. NIRI-Chicago continues to enhance its website and other communications vehicles, supplementing the wide array of IR information on NIRI's website.

  • Get to know Chicago-area service providers and consultants. Find great sources for key IR services by visiting the sponsor showcase at our annual IR Workshop, networking at events or browsing the website. It's helpful to know who's out there and what they offer - before you need them.

  • Plan your career. Whether you plan to stay in the investor relations career track or this is a rotational assignment, we offer resources and contacts to help you enhance your skills - and just maybe, find your next position in IR.

For More Information About Investor Relations
To learn more about investor relations - as well as the many benefits offered by NIRI - we encourage you to explore this website and the NIRI national website at www.niri.org.

Contact Information

The administrator of the NIRI-Chicago chapter is Kathy Laack Short, who can be reached at:

NIRI-Chicago Chapter
P.O. Box 268611
Chicago, IL 60626
t: (773) 262-1090
f: (435) 604-6049

Contact information for the chapter's officers and directors is at Officers & Directors.

Contact information for the chapter's committee members is at Committees & Contacts.

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Contact Information
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